About Us

A Long Tradition of Excellence
In 1920, Shemen Industries was registered as one of the first factories in the British Mandate of Palestine, though the factory had already been established 14 years earlier by Nahum Wilboshevitz (later Wilbosh), a 24-year-old mechanical engineer and new immigrant from Russia. After conducting a detailed study of the country's natural resources and learning about the mechanical method used for pressing olives, he decided to start a new factory for extracting olive oil through a chemical process called "hot pressing".Wilboshevitz initially established a factory for manufacturing olive oil and soap in the Ben Shemen area, employing about 80 workers. However, he decided to close this factory, which was not profitable, and reestablished the business in Haifa. The British High Commissioner inaugurated the Haifa plant in1924 and Shemen Industries grew to become the leading company for the development, manufacturing and marketing of edible oils in Israel. The company's leading brand names – "Etz Hazait" and "Miloumor" – became part of the regular diet of the Israeli consumer and an inseparable part of Israeli cuisine.

In 1961, Shemen Industries became a publicly traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Between the years 1970-1997, the company operated as part of the Koor holding company. In March, 1997, control of the company was acquired by Coralon Ltd, owned by the Fink family.

"Etz Hazait" – the market's leading brand
Shemen Industries re-launched its premium "Etz Hazait" brand in early 2006, and within one year, "Etz Hazait" established itself as the market leader, thanks to an extensive marketing effort for its new line of nutritious products. "Etz Hazait" enjoys the highest brand recognition of its category in Israel and a positive perception of quality, health and expertise.

The brand operates in two categories – vegetable oils and olive oils , offering the Israeli consumer a range of products: "Etz Hazait" Cold Press "Olive Oils", "Etz Hazait" – "Zeitola" (an exclusive combination of canola oil and cold pressed olive oil), "Etz Hazait" – "Briut Meha'teva" series, including "Canola Omega 9" (a blend of canola oil enriched with HO sunflower oil) and "Etz Hazait" – "Enriched" series (Enriched with Vitamin E).